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Career Pivots & Second Acts--> Register for the FREE summit

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Hey there,

It’s been a distinct pleasure to create and serve as the host of the FREE Career Pivots and Second Acts telesummit (May 6th-10th). The topics and speaker line-up for this event are amazing!  By attending this event, you are going to connect with career coaches and experts in the fields of life coaching, career coaching, and pursuit of passion. These speakers are going to share strategies and tools that you can put into practice right away to make big SHIFTS towards figuring out what you next big career move is AND get all the support you need around the little details like optimizing your Linked In profile, resume-writing, interviewing skills as a mid-career professional and so much more. Just one tip could lead to the breakthrough you’ve been wanting. Plus, in case you miss any sessions the interviews will be pre-recorded and available until the series ends. Also, some of the Summit Career coaches will be hosting an office hour everyday throughout the Summit at 1pm ET to answer any of your questions.

In summary here is what you’ll learn:

- How to get clarity on what your ideal job/work is.

- Effective techniques for mid career professionals to revamp your resume, LinkedIn profile, job search, and interviewing skills.

- How to create a roadmap to your ideal career, get the support you need, and show up in your career with an evolved approach to leadership

Warm regards,


Register for the telesummit  here!

P.S.  Would you help me spread the word? Forward this email to any of your friends who you know could use the Career Pivots and Second Acts Summit too.

Life More Abundant!

Hey you!

I was recently reading and was stopped in my tracks yet again by the bible verse “I come to give you life more abundant”. I think everyone wants an abundant life. The dominant culture really tries hard to convince us that the way to an abundant life is a bigger bank account, even though research has clearly proven that acquiring more stuff just doesn’t work. Nevertheless, a lot of us are still chasing that carrot.

I think an abundant life is about how we live life. The abundant life is a juicy one. One where we strive to fill every moment of our lives with more joy, fascination, passion, and presence. None of these states have anything to do with acquiring more money and buying more things.

When we find ourselves feeling depleted (the opposite of abundant) like when you’re stuck in a dead end job, it’s really hard to feel like you’re living an abundant life, let alone figure out what the next right step to your dream job should be. However, if you start noting then doing the things that fill you with more joy, fascination, passion and presence you will begin to feel more abundant and from that beautiful state you will be riding the frequency that you need to get a breakthrough. This abundant rather than depleted state will propel you to the next right step. So, let me know, how are you going to create a more abundant 2019? Let’s chat about it in the comments below If this is an area where you think you need some support, don’t go it alone, sign up for a free coaching session now.

All the very best,


The Only Strategy You’ll Ever Need to Discover Your Calling

Hi everybody!!


Check  out my latest guest blog post on ACE Up. In this guest post I talk about the ONLY strategy you'll ever need to move from paralyzing confusion to confident clarity around your next power move in your career.

I'd love to know what you think about this blog post. Drop me a line in the comments below. Also, if you think you could benefit from this type of transformational retreat, you're in luck I'm planning a Massachusetts retreat very soon, schedule a discovery call with me here so that we can do some coaching and figure out whether a retreat or something else might be the next right step for you.

All the best,


FREE Laser Coaching at Boston's Black Owned Business Pop Up Market 6/9 11-5pm

Hi everyone,

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Come check me out at Boston's Black Owned Business Pop Up Market on Saturday 6/9 from 11am-5pm at District Hall- 75 Northern Ave. Boston (across the street from Courthouse T stop on silver line). The event is free and open to the public, and will feature over 30 incredible businesses run by people of color, awesome music, raffles, and all that good stuff. I am honored to be among the businesses being featured and will be offering free laser coaching at the event, as well as lots of freebies (toolkits etc.) that I usually charge for. So if you're curious about coaching and want to try it out, come out and bring a friend, you'd be amazed at the kind of transformation that can happen in your life  during a laser coaching session. Anyone can benefit from coaching: small business owners, executives, retirees, stay at home moms, students….anyone! 

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Get Coached at the Boston Public Library (5/10 5-8pm)

Hey there,


In honor of International Coaching Week, I'll be offering free laser coaching at the Boston Public Library on Thursday 5/10 from 5-8pm.

I'll be joining incredible coach professionals from the International Coach Federation (ICF) of New England as we all volunteer our time by offering one-on-one 20-minute coaching sessions. This is a great opportunity to experience coaching for support toward achieving a specific personal or professional goal free of charge.

Anyone can benefit from coaching: small business owners, executives, retirees, stay at home moms, students….anyone! 

People interested in being coached can go here for more info: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/coaches-corner-tickets-43716904438

See you there!


[VIDEO] Roadmap to discover your professional calling!

Hi there,

The #1 question I get asked from my clients goes something like this "I know I’m at point A Tajan feeling stuck at this job I dread, and I know I want to get to Z doing my meaningful work, tell me what is involved in moving me from A to Z if I work with you". So I’ll answer that question for you in this video, I'll outline the exact A to Z process that I use on my retreats that I'll be teaching at my Ignite Your Passion: Live Your Calling retreat this September in Jamaica.


 Let me know if you have any additional questions around what the roadmap looks like to get to career nirvana in the comments.

Wanting more than a roadmap...take a closer look at my 2018 retreat in Jamaica go to www.liveyourcallingretreat.com and set up a discovery call with me today to explore whether or not this might be a right fit for you.

All the best,


Top 3 Career Assessments for your next career move



I must confess that I'm not a big fan of career assessments in general, especially when they are used as the primary source of information to inform and direct your career transition. However, if I had to choose three assessments that can be used in addition to rigorous self-inquiry and coaching to support your career transition the three below are the ones that I would highly recommend and I give you my reasons why.

  1. Strengths Finder This test is build on 40 years of research and is based on 34 common talents (strengths).  For $20 USD this test can tell you what your top five strengths are. These strengths can inform the kind of career you should be in where your strengths are actually allowed to shine. Strengths Finder encourages you to focus most of your time on playing to your strengths in your career and life rather than killing yourself to improve upon weaknesses. One of my top strengths is Restorative  which means I'm exceptionally adept at dealing with problems, good at figuring our what is wrong and resolving it. This is totally true for me, I love complex problem-solving, which is a big part of the reason why I love coaching.
  2. My Next Move O*NET Interests Profilerthis tool helps you identify where your career interests lie across six interest areas. It then shows you career paths that might feed those interests based on your scores.The results section even has the option to search different careers by how much preparation is necessary to get into them and much more. I think if you want to get some big picture clarity on ideal career pathways for you then the O*Net summary report can be a helpful place to start.

  3. VIA Character Strengths Test. This test is available for free, it's easy to take and identifies your core characteristics or best qualities and is based in a lot of rigorous research. Their studies show that  if you’re not using most of your top 5 characteristics at the workplace or if you're at a workplace that is not in alignment with your characteristics/values, you will be highly likely to be unhappy, even miserable so understanding what your core characteristics and values are is very important. This information will allow you to ensure that you emphasize this in your current job, promote these qualities as you interview for new jobs, and ensure that jobs/careers you're exploring share your values and will allow you to use your best qualities. My top 5 are- Appreciation of beauty & excellence, fairness, forgiveness, gratitude, and judgement (weighing all evidence fairly).

So try out one of these assessments and let me know in the comments what it was like for you to see the results. If you're needing more support to help you navigate a career transition, sign up here for a FREE consultation



[Webinar Replay] Check it out if you missed it and share on!

Hey everyone,

I recently wrapped on the Ignite Your Passion: Live Your Calling” webinar. If you couldn’t make it OR want to revisit the material with fresh eyes (and a clean notepad) then make sure to watch the replay asap (it won’t be up for long). Also, feel free to share this email with a friend who you know is suffering at their job currently and could benefit from this content.

The ONLY thing I ask is that you pull out your calendar right now to block off 50 minutes of uninterrupted time. Don’t watch it passively with your Facebook news feed distracting you, but pay close attention, and open yourself to the possibility that you REALLY can make a bold career transition in 2018.

If you’ve watched the webinar, and the retreat was a total “YES” for you, but immediately after that you felt fear and dread, let’s have a complimentary clarity shift coaching call so we can do some one on one coaching and see how I can best support you with this offering or something else.Click the link here: Getting to Negril: A Complimentary Implementation Call with Tajan B. Renderos” sign up for that.

If you’ve watched the webinar, and you're ready to go deeper by going on the transformation retreat to Negril Jamaica which you know your whole body says “YES” to, I’m releasing a limited-time discount for any early early bird who pays their deposit to enroll before January 31st at midnight ET,



[FREE WEBINAR] Ignite Your Passion: Live Your Calling!

Hey there,

Are you finally, ready to take action to get out of your soul-sucking job and finally feel great to wake up on Monday morning? It’s about to be  2018, it’s time! http://bit.ly/2kWSpmj. I get it your current job is so secure, you’ve got good pay and it’s safe to stay for you and your family, BUT you know that you want to transition to something that’s more than just a job. You know you want a job, where you can use your unique set of skills, strengths, experience, and gifts. You want to do work that is meaningful and makes a difference. Year after year you’ve thought about transitioning, you’ve taken some steps on your own but always somehow still end  back up at square one.

The truth is that although you can imagine what it would feel like to have a job like this, you’re not exactly sure what that job specifically is. Also, you’re not exactly sure how to get there. 

👉 This webinar will walk you step by step through my system to help you pave the way to your dream job. Here’s what you’ll learn and take away at the end of the webinar http://bit.ly/2kWSpmj
✅ #1 Key to end job suffering
✅ 3 steps to figure out what your professional calling is and start and pursuing it NOW!
✅ The #1 Secret to trust your intuition
✅ The most powerful way to get the support you need to execute your action plan
✅ Bonus FREE give-away at the end

➡I’m offering the webinar for free for the three days that I’ll be running it live, so click on the link below and get registered now http://bit.ly/2kWSpmj.