personal development workshop for college-bound YOUNG Women

Do you want to equip young women with the personal and leadership skills they need in order to thrive in college and beyond? 

The missing link isn't building life skills, academic, or financial literacy alone. It lies in helping young women learn and apply leadership principles that are needed for them  to thrive in college and beyond.




The Girl on Fire workshop is a 6-hour 6 module in-person workshop that integrates student success coaching where young women will learn how to: 1) create an inspiring daily practice,  2) listen to their inner guide for direction, 3) live from their core rather than limiting beliefs, 4) explore forgiveness as keys to their emotional freedom, and 5) build healthy relationships based on shared core values. This workshop can enhance your existing college orientation, summer transition or first year experience programs. It can also serve students who are likely to be or are on academic probation, and students who are looking for a full-time job.

The Girl on Fire workshop includes:

  •  The Girl on Fire workbook that includes all the exercises and assignments covered in the workshop

  • Unlimited e-mail and 2 phone one on one student success coaching session from Tajan 

  • BONUS: Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist for all young women in the workshop.

  • BONUS: Private Facebook group for young women, where they’ll get support from me and each other with implementing their homework assignments, addressing challenges, and crafting mid-course corrections

  • BONUS:  Tailored evaluation summary from workshop

Target audience/timepoint: College orientations, Summer transition programs, First year experience programs, Student success programs, Students on academic probation, and students looking for internships or full-time jobs. 

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here's what program managers have to say about the girl on fire workshop

"Girl on Fire was extremely helpful to our girls. Of all the college readiness prep sessions that were organized for the girls, most of them indicated in our satisfaction survey that this workshop was the most helpful aspect of the college readiness prep program"

A. Weaber, Program Manager at Girls Inc. Lynn, MA

here's what young women had to say about the workshop

"I learned that my feelings actually matter"

"I learned that you have to make yourself happy and not expect happiness to come from someone else"

" I learned that it is up to me to determine my own values"

"I really needed this today. I was more than inspired"

"I loved it. Tajan was very relatable, and funny. It was very easy to stay engaged and connect with her personal stories."

"I loved the workshop and really like the workbook"