Speaking engagements


Tajan has provided personal development workshops, trainings and lectures for youth development organizations, health departments, and non-profits including the Action for Boston Community Development, Inc. and Girls Inc. She has worked in the public health sector as a Trainer and Program Evaluator for 12 years.

Tajan is the creator of the "7 secrets to take your young women's program to the next level: A Guide for Program Managers of College Pipeline/Leadership Development Programs" and is featured blogger on Noomii. Tajan has the ability to explore complex, yet familiar topics that affect young people deeply. She can work closely with you to create keynote speeches or workshops tailored for your audience that inspire, motivate, and offer positive change strategies.

Keynote and lecture topics include but aren't limited to:

  1. Serving young women holistically
  2. Helping youth move from stuck to soaring in life
  3. Key components to uplevel your youth development programming
  4. Thrive in your professional calling! : 4 Steps to get to career nirvana
  5. Trauma-informed college prep programming
  6. Excercising your right to self-care


"Tajan is great at bringing up issues in her speeches that we all face. she is a wonderful, natural story-teller"

M. Quinn-Dupont, Director of Fidelity Investments

"Tajan is a very dynamic speaker, showing her knowledge, authenticity and passion"

-I. Goldson, Deputy Director of ABCD, Inc. Health Services


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